• Two dedicated T1 Internet connections in the office of Laredo, Tx.

• One microwave connection of 5 Mbps for internet in the office of Nuevo Laredo.

• PBX telephone switch.

• Fifteen available lines for a more effective communication.

• Microwave connection in both sides of the border.


Electronic information access.

• Access to general consultation of operations.

• Online and on-demand information download.(*)

• Automatic sending of information by electronic mail.

• Online and on-demand viewing and printing of information.

(*) Petition, estimate sheet, demonstration of values, commercial invoice,
Mexican and American expense account, Mexican and American
note of charge or debit, Mexican and American credit note.

Company Profile

To Be a Company Leader in the area of customs, giving a suitable service with high quality and low development..

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Our modern and operating administrative offices are located in strategic points of both border cities..

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To be in the forefront of changing processes in customs matters allows us to offer..

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The communication and the top technology are fundamentals in successful operations..

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